Summer Edition 2023

Sending Summer Greetings!

Summer days are always active at Johnson Consulting Group. Our evaluation and research work, including reviews and reports, keeps us busily engaged with our clients coast-to-coast. And Katherine delivers the The KJ Show every Wednesday on the Bold Brave TV network.


But we wanted to wish you a delightful summer season that will be filled with family fun, barbeques, peaceful walks (or bike rides) in woodland trails and leisurely days near the water.


Take a break, take a breath, and enjoy this glorious season!


Best regards,

Dr. Katherine Johnson, President

Happy Retirement, Corine!

Corine “Renie” Mahon will be retiring at the end of July. For the past 15 years, she has been a vital member of our firm— providing unwavering administrative support coupled with common sense. Corine has worked with Katherine for nearly 20 years, so this farewell is bittersweet.

But it’s time for her to enjoy all the Pacific Northwest offers. I owe much of my success to her steadfast concern for our clients, projects, and team members.

Good luck with your new adventures!

Assessing the Market Progress of DHPs

Johnson Consulting Group completed the second Long-term Monitoring and Tracking (LTMT) evaluation of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) Ductless Heat Pumps (DHPs) Market Transformation program. NEEA actively worked to accelerate the adoption of DHPs from 2008 to 2020. This LTMT study aimed to gauge the adoption of DHPs by the Northwest’s residential HVAC market, specifically across NEEA’s three target markets. NEEA assessed this progress using four Diffusion Indicators, each of which provides a different measurement of how the DHP market is transforming.

To assess how the status of the market, the Johnson Consulting Group team evaluated progress on the four Diffusion Indicators by surveying HVAC contractors. The team completed three surveys of HVAC contractors to determine DHP installation trends across NEEA’s three target markets for DHPs, quantify overall installation costs, and determine the presence of HVAC contractors currently installing DHPs throughout the Northwest (to access the full report, click here: 

LTMT DHP Report 2022

Six Arkansas IOUs Continue Their Stellar Performance

As the Independent Evaluation Monitor (IEM), the Johnson Consulting Group team prepared its PY2022 Annual Summary Report of the Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) Activities on behalf of the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) and the Parties Working Collaboratively (PWC). The key findings from this annual review included:

  • Arkansas’ energy efficiency programs offered by the six IOUs continue to have significant success in achieving their goals. EAL, OG&E, and SWEPCO exceeded their individual electric savings goals, as did two of the three gas utilities: AOG and SUA.
  • NEBs continued to provide substantial benefits to both gas and electric programs.
  • Through the joint efforts of the Consistent Weatherization Approach (CWA) program and the Low-Income Pilot Program (LIPP), program implementers for the six Arkansas IOUs completed 10,638 audits, leading to 21,688 projects in PY2022. The CWA programs installed 98,264 measures in energy “inefficient” homes in PY2022.  
  • The Low-Income Pilot Programs were among the most successful in the Arkansas IOU’s portfolio, and all either met or exceeded their savings goals.

The Arkansas Public Service Commission and its IOUs continue to lead the Southeast in its collaborative approach to delivering comprehensive, cost-effective energy efficiency programs across the entire state. Keep up the great work!


The KJ Show – Coming to a Platform Near You

The KJ Show is coming up on its 52nd weekly episode, and the show is gaining momentum weekly.  According to recent statistics based on web traffic, The KJ Show went from hundreds to thousands of viewers on Amazon Fire TV, and Katherine is now classified as an “influencer.” More importantly, the show has loyal viewers who watch each week.

The KJ Show is also available as a podcast, with most listeners turning in via Spotify (43%) or Deezer (23%). Her most popular show to date has been Episode 47: Green New Deal – Off the Rails in Europe. Short clips of her key video moments are also posted on YouTube and TikTok. 

Launching Substack Newsletter

In August, Katherine will launch “Dr. KJ’s Energy RX– Your Dose of Energy Reality” newsletter on Substack. The biweekly newsletter will dig deeper into the weekly topics featured on The KJ Show and continue exploring the changing dynamics within the energy industry. Please send any story ideas or comments directly to Katherine at

In Loving Memory – Carolyn Joy Lee

My beloved sister, Carolyn Joy Lee, died peacefully on July 4, 2023. She valiantly fought cancer for 12 years, but pancreatic cancer was just too much. 


Carolyn packed so much life in her 65 years. She traveled the globe with her wonderful son, Jasper, and visited nearly every continent. She loved to travel as she believed, like Mark Twain, that it was the best antidote to prejudice.


We also had our fair share of adventures—traveling on boat trips in France and England with our dad, and she treated me to a Mississippi River Cruise featuring Mark Twain.  

Summer was Mark Twain’s favorite season, and I think it was Carolyn’s too. She loved the Minnesota sweet corn and Walleye Fish Filets, the Minnesota State Fair and spent many happy summers in Northern Minnesota at Waldsee (German Camp).

She was an exceptionally brilliant tax lawyer and a true leader in her field. But she was also wise, thoughtful, and so proud of her family ties to Granite Falls, Minnesota.

May God welcome her home. 

Where in the World is Dr. KJ?

  • Every Wednesday, 11 a.m. LIVE The KJ Show (
  • July 27-28: Ellicott City, MD: Brandon’s & Emily’s Wedding!
  • August 8-9: Little Rock, AR: PWC Technical Forum
  • August 11: New York City: Carolyn Joy Lee’s Memorial Service
  • September 7-8: Boston, MA: Jasper’s and Kayla’s Wedding (my nephew)