Winter Edition
 Warm Winter Greetings!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. This year already promises to be full of wonder and delight as we continue contracts with existing colleagues as well as look forward to new opportunities around the U.S.


Katherine spent a white Christmas in Ouray, CO that enjoyed one of the snowiest winters on record. In addition to skiing at Telluride (more on that later), she also caught up with some dear friends in Colorado.


But now the Johnson Consulting Group staff is back at work continuing on some current projects and starting on new ventures. We look forward to catching up with all of you in 2015-and are sending you are warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.


Dr. Katherine Johnson, President

Arkansas IEM Contract Extended Through 2016     December ended on a bright note for the members of the Johnson Consulting Group team. Our contract to serve as the Independent Evaluation Monitor (IEM) was extended through September 30, 2016.


The IEM team, consisting of Apex Analytics, Mesa Point Energy, Eisenberg Energy, Michaels Energy and Rouleau Consulting, will continue our work to support the ambitious and laudable goals set forth by the Commission. We are both pleased and humbled to continue to be part of this groundbreaking work.


Besides overseeing the current EM&V activities and findings for the seven investor-owned utilities, our staff is also engaged in several other activities including developing an approach to quantify Non Energy Benefits (NEBs), facilitating discussions regarding on bill financing strategies to support the new statewide weatherization program, and managing a statewide potential study. This work is in addition to updating the Technical Reference Manual and EM&V protocols to reflect changes in market conditions.


We will keep you posted on the progress that the Arkansas utilities continue to make so stay tuned!
Arkansas Public Service Commission Approves
Statewide Weatherization Approach


On December 9, 2014, the Arkansas Public Service Commission unanimously approved of the Parties Working Collaboratively (PWCs)'s Proposal to Develop a Consistent Approach for Weatherization Programs Across all Utilities in Arkansas, a  Core Weatherization Program developed by the PWC and facilitated by the IEM.


Specifically, Commission Order No. 22 in Docket 13-002-U says, "The Commission congratulates the PWC for its continued excellence in achieving the benefits offered by collaboration and commends the active participants in the PWC Weatherization Working Group and the Independent Evaluation Monitor for their work and service in the public interest of Arkansas" (p. 11).


The Core Program incorporates the following best practices for delivering a consistent approach across all utilities as identified in other successful weatherization programs identified in the Literature Review conducted by the IEM:

  • Delivers measures using an electric and gas utility-coordinated approach;
  • Based on proven and successful program designs;
  • Ensures consistent contractor training and guidelines, ongoing training, and provides opportunities to enlist contractors from the Community Action Program (CAP) Agencies to participate in this new consistent approach; and
  • Has a flexible platform to accommodate market changes, Technical Reference Manual (TRM) and Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) changes in a timely manner.

This recommended approach leverages the current success of Arkansas' programs and retains a decentralized delivery of a consistent weatherization program by the IOUs. Core program consistency would substantially reduce confusion by customers and contractors and make cross-utility coordination simpler and more transparent. Each utility, however, could incorporate additional elements to address utility-specific needs. Core elements and core measures will be offered by each utility based upon final program cost-effectiveness.  


To learn more about this approved program, please read the full Commission order which is available at the following link:

Program Design and Energy Efficiency Consultant for the California PUC was selected to serve as the Energy Efficiency Program Design and Evaluation Technical Consultant to support the California Public Utilities Commission. During this multi-year contract, she will leverage her considerable experience in program design and evaluation to provide guidance to CPUC Staff as needed on a variety of topics including:

  • Program Design and Evaluation
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Impact Evaluation and Attribution and
  • Financing Program Evaluation

Katherine is looking forward to beginning this new and exciting project in the next few weeks. In fact, her bags are already packed!

Where in the World is Dr. KJ?

Jan. 16  Utility Advisory Board Meeting,
                 Winter Park, FL
Jan. 17-18  NEEP EM&V Conference,
                 Baltimore, MD
*  Jan. 22-23  PWC Meetings, Little Rock, AR 
Feb. 9-12  AESP National Conference,
                 Orlando, FL   
May 19-21  AESP Conference, Portland, OR
Fun Stuff (sort of)   


Breaking News!


All was not calm and bright during the holiday season. Rather, Nicholas, Katherine's youngest son (age 20), tried unsuccessfully to ski down one of the longest runs in North America in Telluride, CO. He didn't make it too far before falling and breaking his right femur. Fortunately, the ski patrol was swiftly on the scene to transport him to mountain clinic in Telluride. Then after another ambulance ride to Montrose, he had surgery to repair the leg.


He now has a couple of scars and new titanium rod - not exactly what he wanted for Christmas. But he is making remarkable progress and will be back to his old (mischievous) self in no time. Though next time, he'll ski with his watchful parents!

Missouri EM&V Auditor Work Continues Our work as the Missouri EM&V Auditor for the Missouri Public Service Commission was also extended in 2015. Our team members, Apex Analytics, Mesa Point Energy, Eisenberg Energy and GSM Development, will continue to review the current EM&V activities for the four investor-owned electric utilities in Missouri.


During 2015, we will continue to provide analysis regarding calculating market effects attributable to CFL programs in addition to reviewing and summarizing the results from the ongoing evaluations of Ameren Missouri, KCP&L, and GMO's energy efficiency portfolios.


Our team is looking forward to another exciting year working in the Show-Me State.

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Arkansas IEM Contract
Extended Through 2016
Arkansas Public Service Commission Approves Statewide Weatherization Approach
Program Design and Energy Efficiency Consultant for the California PUC
Where in the World is Dr. KJ?
Missouri EM&V Auditor Work Continues
Congratulations!! Honorable (left) received unanimous Senate approval.  Click here to view the press release:
U.S. Senate Confirms Colette Honorable's Nomination to FERC.



 Kisha Gresham, AESP VP of Events and Education (right) is also a member of the 2014 Class of 40 under 40 Honorees in Atlanta.

Click here to view the full press release. 


City of Winter Park Advances To Georgetown University's Energy Prize Quarterfinals. Winter Park will promote current energy-conservation programs for both municipal and residential sectors and expand upon them during the course of the competition.   For more details, click here.

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