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Summer Edition 2009 
Happy Summer!

Bonjour from the South of France!
Katherine joined more than 400 colleagues from the European Union, Mid East, India, Asia, and the US for five days in the South of France. At eceee's 2009 Summer Study, the focus was on ways to "Act! Innovate! Deliver!  Reducing energy demand sustainably."
The conference featured on formal presentations and informal sessions on eight panels focusing on energy efficiency policies, strategies, and technologies. Katherine presented two papers: Panel 1:  "Breaking down the barriers to efficiency improvements in the rental market: A comparison of two utility approaches" compared two Pay-As-You-Go Financing strategies used by Hawaiian Electric and Midwest Energy.  
Her second presentation, Panel 3: "Best practices for developing cost-effective evaluation, measurement and verification plans: Lessons learned from 12 northern California municipal utilities" provided attendees with cost-effective strategies to conduct comprehensive evaluation, monitoring, and verification practices. This presentation was based on the work she has done with Summit Blue on behalf of 12 utility members of Northern California Power Authority.
Although her co-authors couldn't attend, (Michael Volker, Midwest Energy; Wade Simoda and Dr. George Willoughby, Hawaiian Electric; David Reyonds, NCPA and Gary Cullen,
Summit Blue), they provided invaluable guidance and assistance in preparing both papers.
To learn more about eceee's 2009 summer study-an amazing week of good conversation, thought-provoking discussions, and of course excellent food and wine, check out the movie!

Katherine Johnson, President

GHPs updated edition to be published in Summer 2009 
The Geo Heat Pump Book - 4th Edition is currently being updated and will be available for distribution in July 2009. This revision, sponsored by Western Area Power Administration, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and American Public Power Association, will feature the newest information on advances in geothermal heat pump technologies as well as new funding opportunities now available. The book has also been expanded to include more information about DX (geothermal direct install). This book will be published by Johnson Consulting Group, and distributed to Western Area Power Administration members at upcoming workshops and conferences.
Heat Pumps are back in Style

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling in many applications, as they can use renewable heat sources in our surroundings.   They are used for residential and commercial space and water heating, cooling, refrigeration and in industrial processes. Heat pumps are also an effective strategy to reduce green house emissions with the potential to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 8 percent annually, according to the Heat Pump Centre.
To help utility staff better understand the benefits of heat pump technologies, Basin Electric and Western Area Power Administration are sponsoring a two-day workshop on August 11th and 12th in Great Falls, MT.  This workshop, "Demand-Side Management Technology Workshop: All About Heat Pumps - Air Source, Geothermal and Dual Fuel" will feature a mix of classroom and field demonstrations allowing participants to gain a strong technical understanding of these technologies.

Workshop attendees will also receive guidebooks, links to additional resources and case studies about advances in these technologies. Katherine will co-present this workshop with Bruce Manclark, Delta-T, Inc., a heat pump expert in the Pacific Northwest.  Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association (MECA) is hosting this workshop.  To learn more about this workshop or to register, click

In This Issue

GHPs updated edition to be published in Summer 2009
Heat Pumps are back in Style
Vanquish the Phantom Load Villain!
Conference Update
Fun Stuff
  Fun Stuff:

Villages Perchés 

Okay, Katherine didn't just sit in conference presentations during her week in France. Despite the hair-raising turns and unexpected detours, she did manage to explore eight perched villages that dotted the landscape throughout this region. These perched villages are carved out of the hills and buttes surrounding this region and include fortified cities dating back to the Romans. Her tour of the perched villages included stops in St. Paul de Vence, St Jeannet, Carros and Coursegoules.

St. Jeannet is nestled against a butte. (below)

Plugload Webinars:


Vanquish the Phantom Load Villain! 

Wednesday, July 15th  2009; 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Eastern) and
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

Did you know that energy is being robbed from you daily? Thieves are lurking in computers, televisions, printers, and other high-energy demand plug in electronics in buildings everywhere. These "phantom-loads" are insatiable insomniacs that waste energy while you slumber. While everyone is striving to manage rising energy costs and become more sustainable, energy demands from the increased use of plug ins are a constant drain on your organization's bottom line.

So how can you vanquish the phantom load villain? This webinar -- the second installment in EYP's "Become a Carbon Zero Hero" Webinar series -- will summarize power-management strategies for reducing phantom loads based on comprehensive on-site audits of more than 15 college campuses. We will use audit data to analyze specific phantom load usage by key college groups, such as staff, faculty, dormitories, and computer labs and libraries. The presentation will also feature examples of student-led energy conservation campaigns, including the University at Buffalo's creative and successful "Do It In the Dark" campaign.
The webinar co-presenters will be Katherine Johnson, President of Johnson Consulting Group, and Elliot Easton, Project Director for Sustainability at EYP/Energy. 

To free online registration, click here

Conference Update - 

Where in the World is KJ?

8/12/2009 - 8/14/2009

2009 International Energy Program Evaluation Conference, Portland, OR

Katherine Johnson will present a White Paper titled "Reaching out to the Rental Housing Market: A Comparison of Two Utility Approaches".

 Coursegoules (above) teeters on the brink of a ravine.
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