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Spring Edition
"From you have I been absent in the spring," William Shakespeare, Sonnet 98 
Truer words were never written, as we are absent from our dear friends and colleagues this spring. Our daily routines have been upended with the ripple effect of this pandemic interrupting graduation plans, family reunions, and travel adventures. At Johnson Consulting Group, we are lucky to have a developed a "virtual" office environment that allows our staff to continue to work and collaborate on upcoming projects all while being able to "self-isolate" as needed. And while we will miss seeing many of you in the next few months, we are putting together some webinar opportunities to help us stay in touch. Please stay safe, break out the crock-pots and board games and create some memories to tell the grandchildren!
Dr. Katherine Johnson, President
Taking a Snap Shot of an Emerging Market Opportunity
Johnson Consulting Group teamed with Sodexo|Roth to complete an interesting and fast-paced market research study for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Leveraging Sodexo|Roth's national network of HVAC contractors and Johnson Consulting Group's market research capabilities, we completed 23 interviews with gas "combi" system installers during the across four regions in the United States and Canada
The overarching objective of this study was to learn how installers successfully sell combi gas units for residential retrofits and new construction, contrasting hydronic (e.g., boiler combis, which are common on the East Coast) and forced air combi systems (which are more common on the West Coast).
NEEA has graciously agreed to share the study's Executive Summary with any organizations that may be interested in learning more about this gas technology. Please send an email to if you'd like a copy.  
Recent Conference Highlights     
In February, Katherine presented at two diverse energy efficiency conferences. At the 30th Annual Conference for the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP), she moderated a lively session on discussing the evolution of "Connected Homes." Playing homage to one of her favorite childhood TV shows, she compared the current "Smart Home" feature with those envisioned for 2062 by the Jetsons.  

This panel featured insights from manufacturers, evaluators, and utilities as they discussed how smart home appliances have changed their conversations with customers about energy usage.
The following week, Katherine presented a paper on innovative financing program strategies used by municipal utilities, "Show Me the Muni- Municipal Financing Programs for Rural Electric Customers." This white paper highlighted the following innovations in on-bill financing programs offered by municipal utilities which included:   
* Expanding beyond traditional energy efficiency measures to include renewable energy technologies;
* Requiring home energy audits to ensure success; and
* Using loan processing and administration fees to create revolving loan funds which enlarges the pool of funds available for on-bill loans. 
Congratulations to the 2020
EPA ENERGY STAR Winners including:    
* Black Hills Energy
* CenterPoint Energy
* Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility
* Entergy Arkansas
* Southwestern Electric Power (AEP SWEPCO)
* Washington Gas
Thanks to all of these wonderful organizations who are committed to delivering outstanding energy efficiency programs. For a full list of the 2020 Award Winners, please check out the following link:
Upcoming Events    
Sodexo|Roth Joint Webinar, April 9, 2020

"Cracking the Code: HVAC Program Engagement"     
Time: 3PM-4PM Eastern 
Phone: 563.999.1012
Access: 890015

ACEEE's 2020 Summer Study, August 2020- (fingers crossed!)

Katherine will be highlighting the innovative approaches Arkansas is using to promote energy efficiency on the following topics:

* A Low-Income Program by Any Other Name: Developing a Consistent Weatherization Approach, which describes the deployment of a duel-fuel statewide initiative in which the utilities have completed nearly 30,000 audits and installed more 53,000projects since 2017.

* NSPM- A New View of Cost Effectiveness for Electric and Gas Utilities,
which will summarize the process that the Arkansas Public Utilities Commission used to review the National Standard Practice Manual; and
Fun Stuff 
In late January and early February, Katherine and her husband Don, were able to visit the stunning island country of New Zealand. Their itinerary included stops on both the South and North Islands and included breath-taking journeys on trains, luges, and ferries. Check out the luge video and pictures at this link.   
We were so lucky to be able visit this beautiful island before the pandemic and are keeping the Kiwis and Aussies in our thoughts and prayers.
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