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Spring Edition
Hello Spring 
April Showers and May Flowers-and a few unexpected twists and turns. We've had an exciting and busy Spring--and a good reason for delaying our newsletter until now. In March, when Spring starts nearly everywhere, it was still ice and snow in Northern Sweden. Katherine and her daughter, Emily, ventured to Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle. Katherine was presenting on innovative marketing strategies for Geothermal Heat Pumps at the  9th International Cold Climate Heat Pump Conference. Emily tagged along to learn about her Scandinavian heritage and to explore the great white North. Click here for link to Katherine's presentation.
En route back to her hotel, Katherine slipped and fell on the rock hard ice in Kiruna. Two days later, in Copenhagen, she reluctantly agreed to get some medical care. An X-ray confirmed that Katherine had broken her shoulder. She was sent home with a sling and Danish X-rays--not exactly the souvenirs she was planning on bringing back.
It's been a long eight weeks and the shoulder is recovering-slowly. So, we have been a bit short-handed (pun intended) which delayed our spring greetings.
We are looking forward to a springtime filled with interesting projects, new adventures --and hopefully no more trips to foreign hospitals. We wish all of you a happy and safe Spring. 
                                  Dr. Katherine Johnson, President
Good Bye and Best Wishes

April was also a time of departure for two important members of the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Matt Klucher, who had been the Director of Rates and Demand Resources, accepted a new position in the Regulatory Department for Entergy based in New Orleans. Matt provided quiet and wise leadership of the Parties Working Collaboratively (PWC) for the past six years and we will miss him. But, we wish him much success as he begins a new chapter at Entergy.
The Executive Director of the PSC, John Bethel, also recently retired from the Commission as well. He will be heading up Regulatory Affairs for Entergy in New Orleans in the coming months.
We hope our paths will cross again with the wonderful leaders of energy efficiency in the South. 

Tracking What's New in Home Performance Programs  

Katherine participated in a joint presentation with Suzanne Sebastian, Program Manager of Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (DESEU). 
This presentation, delivered during the Annual Home Performance Conference in Philadelphia, summarized the findings from a recently completed benchmarking study conducted on behalf of this non-profit energy utility.
This presentation highlighted the findings from an in-depth review of emerging trends in program designs for Home Performance or "Whole House" Programs. It also included insights from a literature review as well as findings from interviews with leading program managers across the United States. DESEU also relied on these findings to retool its current program design for its Home Performance Program-which has led to a significant increase in overall program activity. Check out Katherine's presentation at this link. 
Two of our clients, Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) and DESEU, were recently recognized as ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year  by the Department of Energy. These awards were based on the outstanding work, and innovative marketing by both programs, which has made them true market leaders. We're so proud of you!!  
Advanced Power Strips - More Innovations on the Horizon  

Working with Mesa Point Energy, Katherine Johnson and Dr. Jim Bradford, have recently expanded their review of current literature regarding savings estimates for APS Tier 2 power strips. In addition to our this 2017 white paper, "Examining Energy Savings Potential in a New and Changing Market," we also completed additional analysis and review of recently completed work in California.
Based on our recommendations, the California utilities will be conducting additional studies in the near future following our guidelines for pre and post testing. In addition, one of the leading experts in APS Tier 2 power strips recently sent off his kind comments of our white paper:
"I wanted to say thank you for distilling the existing literature and information into the salient details in a succinct and accurate manner. It was a good read and I saw no fault in it. I appreciated the paper's stances and how the information was presented. Just wanted to relay that to you."
M M Valmiki, PE;Staff Engineer;619.571.9801;  
We are pleased to be making a positive contribution to better understanding this emerging technology.    
Arkansas Gets to Work 
The Parties Working Collaboratively (PWC) in Arkansas has been asked to provide guidance to the Commission on three important topics:
*  Target setting for the next three-year program cycle;  
*  Prepare a Case Study of Arkansas practices to inform the National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM); and
*  Provide information regarding the passage of Act 1102.
To tackle these subjects more fully, the PWC members have joined smaller working groups which focus on each matter individually. As usual, these members are already making progress on setting savings goals, with testimony filed on behalf of the PWC members on May 19, 2018.
The NSPM Working Group is comparing the principles described in this model to the approaches used in Arkansas for capturing costs and benefits. The results of this comparison will be provided in a case study developed in the Fall. We are receiving assistance from Julie Michals, E4theFuture and Chris Neme, one of the NSPM co-authors.
Last November, the Arkansas State Legislature passed Act 1102 which requested information regarding how current energy efficiency programs were serving two specific residential groups: low-income customers, as defined bib LIHEAP, and residents who are 65 or older. This represents a significant change as this is the first time the investor-owned utilities have been specifically directed to provide services to these two customer groups. The Working Group is currently reviewing the findings from previous evaluations and considering the best options for data mining, going forward.
Stay tuned for updates from these PWC Working Groups. 
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Good Bye and Best Wishes
Tracking What's New in Home Performance Programs
Advanced Power Strips
Arkansas Gets to Work
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Where in the World is Dr. KJ?

* June 20-27: IEPPEC Conference, Vienna, Austria;  Katherine will be presenting "Coloring Inside and Outside the Lines: A New Approach to Comparing Net Savings Techniques," in Vienna. This presentation will provide real-world examples of matching program designs to appropriate NTG methodologies. To learn more,
* July 17-29: PWC Meeting to discuss TRM Updates and Working Group Reports, Little Rock, AR.
* August 12-17: ACEEE Summer Study, Poster on "Comparing Net Savings Techniques" in Asilomar, CA. For a copy of the document referencing these methodologies, published by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, please click here.  
* August 21-23: AESP Summer Conference EE Power Couple--Evaluation and Implementation, Session Moderator, Indianapolis, IN. 

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Fun Stuff 
Artist Update  
Emily is currently displaying her art at a wine bar, in VINO VERITAS, in Portland at 7835 SE Stark Street. Check out the link to learn more - and if you're in Portland, stop in for a glass of wine and a look at Emily's unique art. Her work will be on display through June 2018 . In addition, Emily will be participating in the Golden Exhibit presented by Art Impact (TM) International through the end of May. Emily 
is also online.   
Cold as Ice
Check out our pictures for our trip to Kiruna. Highlights included visiting the Ice Hotel, riding on Icelandic horses (yes, with a broken shoulder) to chase the Aurora Borealis, and sight seeing in Stockholm and Copenhagen.