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 Welcome to Autumn!  
Autumn has always been a time of new beginnings for me - despite what the calendar may say. Perhaps it's because it was "Back to School" season and I loved starting out each September with a new set of books, school supplies and new outfits.  Or perhaps it's because my birthday falls in late September, and birthdays are always a good time for reflection and rededication.

As I start out this Autumn season, it reminds me both of the wonderful experiences and adventures I enjoyed during summer as well as the excitement of the new opportunities that will arrive this fall. But I don't want to let the busy few months ahead interfere with my plans to complete as much as I can on the bucket list here.

Hope you can take some time out as well to enjoy some of these Fall festivities as well.
Dr. Katherine Johnson, President
Energy Efficiency Rocks in Arkansas!          
The State of Arkansas' emergence as a leader in energy efficiency was showcased at the recent ACEEE Energy Efficiency as a Resource Conference, held in Little Rock, AR. The presentations highlighted the significant advances that Arkansas has made in promoting energy efficiency in a series of presentations made by key leaders and stakeholders in the Arkansas energy efficiency community.
These presentations included a summary by Wally Nixon, Commissioners' Legal Advisor, who was one of the major players in starting Arkansas on its collaborative path towards energy efficiency. From its beginnings in 2006, Arkansas' approach to collaboration has been integral in developing a comprehensive approach to designing, launching and evaluating the state's energy efficiency program portfolio. As Mr. Nixon pointed out in his presentation "Engaging Stakeholders in Collaborative Energy Efficiency Planning and Implementation: The Arkansas Story".

"The Commission asked General Staff, the utilities, and other stakeholders to suggest implementing rules. The Commission also engaged a facilitator from the Regulatory  
Assistance Project ...to help the parties reach agreement collaboratively. After a year  
of meetings, workshops, comments and briefs, the PSC finalized the C&EE Rules in  
mid-2007 and the utility programs began that fall."   

Mr. Matt Klucher, Director of Rates for General Staff, in his presentation, "Collaboration- One Key to Arkansas' Success", provided an update of advances that have been made in energy efficiency through the formal working group called the Parties Working Collaboratively or PWC. In the past three years, together the Arkansas electric and gas utilities, intervenors and advocacy groups have developed the following initiatives under the direction and guidance of the Arkansas Public Service Commission.
  • The PWC has allowed the Commission to address many issues in an accelerated timeframe.
  • The participants of the PWC have been able to discuss the issues in an environment that has promoted compromise and agreement.
  • On many issues, the PWC has been successful in presenting a consensus recommendation to the Commission.
  • The Commission has adopted the majority of the PWC's recommendations.
In addition, Mr. Klucher highlighted the significant accomplishments achieved by the PWC in the past few years including the following:
  • TRM Updates- including the approval of TRM 5.0 on September 21, 2015 in Docket No. 10-100-R, Order No. 22
  • Standardized Annual Reporting
  • Rules for Self-Direct Customers
  • PWC Procedural Guidelines
  • Energy Efficiency Potential Study
  • Consistent Approach to Weatherization
  • Common C&I Approach
  • Leakage (Upstream Lighting Programs)
  • Carbon Cost
  • Non-Energy Benefits
As he pointed out, the commitment to energy efficiency in Arkansas has also grown significantly. The initial "Quick Start" programs ranged from approximately $7.2 million in 2008 to over $16.7 million in 2010. The Comprehensive Programs started at $24.9 million in 2011 and escalated to over $74.1 million in 2013. In PY2014, energy efficiency expenses were nearly $83 million and in PY2015, the program budgets are estimated at over $103 million. 
As the Independent Evaluation Monitor, the Johnson Consulting Group team applauds the progress that the Arkansas PWC has made and we look forward watching Arkansas continue to lead the way in energy efficiency in the Southeast.
Showing Energy Savings in the Show-Me State
In our role as the EM&V Auditor for the Missouri Public Service Commission, we just completed and filed our two reports summarizing the progress that Ameren Missouri and Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) have made towards achieving their energy efficiency goals. In our role, we reviewed the EM&V reports prepared by the third-party implementers, verified key assumptions and inputs, and provided recommendations for further improvement.
However, the key takeaway from both evaluations was that the utilities have made significant progress in offering energy efficiency programs in the last year. The evaluators found that Ameren Missouri's energy efficiency portfolio exceeded its goal by 30 percent delivering 345, 183 MWH million kWh and 62.2 MW in PY 2014. (EM&V Auditor's Report, June 23, 2015) 
Similarly, in PY2014, overall GMO's portfolio nearly met 93 percent of its gross energy savings goals. The total portfolio achieved 57,898,184 kWh and 23,564 kW in ex post energy and demand savings at the customer meter, resulting in gross realization rates of 93 percent and 107 percent, respectively.
Breaking News!! The Missouri Public Service Commission renewed our EM&V Auditor Contract for the fourth year.  

The Johnson Consulting Group team, which includes team members from Apex Analytics, Mesa Point Energy, and Eisenberg Energy, will continue to provide analysis and support to the Missouri Public Service Commission through 2016.
And hat's off to Natelle Dietrich, who has just been promoted to Commission Staff Division, Staff Director. She is responsible for leading all departments of the Commission's Staff including coordinating a number of PSC Staff functions regarding rate cases, complaints, tariff filings, certificate applications, rulemakings and investigatory dockets. We have enjoyed working with Natelle for the past three years and know she will do an outstanding job in this critical position. 
Fun Stuff 
Katherine also managed to find some time for fun in between conference sessions. Here is Katherine zipping along.

Check out photos from Niagara Falls, Canada plus
Catalina, California and more from Scotland. Click here.
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Energy Efficiency Rocks in Arkansas!
Showing Energy Savings in the Show-Me State
Breaking News!!
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Where in the World is Dr. KJ?
Where in the World is Dr. KJ?

Oct. 15-16  EmPOWER MD Meetings, Baltimore, MD

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Certification Update 

Thanks to the diligence and patience of Johnson Consulting Group staff, Corine and Diane Mahon, our firm has been recertified as a Woman-Owned Enterprise in California, Missouri and Maryland. We hold a national certification as Woman-Owned Business through 2016.

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