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A Time for Thanks

As we start to wind down our 2011 projects, I
wanted to extend a special thank you to my
friends, colleagues, and clients who have made
this our most successful year-ever. It’s an exciting
and hectic time for those of us in the energy
efficiency business, and for that we are truly
blessed. But, I also wanted to thank all of those
who have been so gracious to me during the past
year. As you join family and friends at your
Thanksgiving table, I hope you feel as blessed as
we are.


Katherine, Corine & Diane—Johnson Consulting Group staff


Johnson Consulting Group Clients Coast to Coast

It's hard to believe but in just a few short years, our client list has expanded from sea to shining sea. We are now finishing up an evaluation project for the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Home Performance with Energy Star and starting new work for clients in North Carolina and Maine.  We will also be continuing with work for our natural gas clients in Virginia as well as providing EM&V workshops in Texas. The following map summarizes where we’ve been working in the past few years and we look forward to filling in the rest of the states in the near future.




Spotlight on Unique Gas Programs

Even though we conduct program evaluations for a variety of clients, every so often we come across some really unique approaches in program design or delivery. Johnson Consulting Group completed the first-year program evaluations for two innovative programs targeting natural gas customers:

  • Columbia Gas of Virginia Home Energy Savings program, which is part of its larger WarmWise Energy Efficiency Program, combines the traditional online audit with an energy efficiency kit. The kits are mailed out to customers who complete an online audit and provide them with easy to install conservation measures such as low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. However, Columbia Gas has gone one step further by reaching into the community. The utility has partnered with the Richmond ARC, a local sheltered workshop to provide the packaging and mailing of the energy efficiency kits. From the very beginning, Columbia Gas wanted to create a program that would not just benefit their customers but the larger Richmond community as well.  Katherine and Chris Griffin, Program Manager from Columbia Gas, will be providing a program update at the upcoming AESP Conference in San Diego, CA, February 6-9, 2012. 

  • In Colorado, SourceGas mailed out free energy efficiency kits to a critical demographic target -- senior citizens. The items in the kit included easy-to-install measures like low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators as well as an energy savings card. Best of all, the process evaluation completed earlier this year, demonstrated that the utility achieved a high measure persistence rate and increased customer satisfaction. This was truly a “win –win” situation and demonstrates yet another innovative twist on standard program designs.


Fun Stuff
Colorado Colors
Katherine managed to escape to Ouray, CO for a two long weekends in October. In just seven days the weather changed from the magnificent autumn colors at their peak to the first snow fall. Katherine had a great time jeeping through these back-roads and only got stuck in the mud-once.  Check out the photos!
Utility Advisory Board to
Launch EE Programs

The City of Winter Park, where Katherine serves on the Utility Advisory Board, will be launching its first set of energy efficiency programs for local citizens. This program portfolio includes residential and commercial audits to identify energy conservation needs and a range of rebates designed to encourage the installation of energy savings measures. The program will be offered to all Winter Park residents during this first year and then will be revised as needed. Stay tuned for progress reports! a very personal note: October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it is a year-round battle for too many women (and men). Please consider continuing to donate to this worthwhile cause year round -- because for too many the fight continues. (Link to American Cancer Society Breast Cancer donation webpage.)

Protocols Continue to Develop

The staff at Johnson Consulting Group, along with our subcontractor, Gregg Eisenberg from Iron Mountain Consulting has completed a set of EM&V Protocols for the Arkansas Public Service Commission. These EM&V Protocols were based on a comprehensive literature review of national "best practices" and provide the foundation for conducting comprehensive process and impact evaluations for the seven Arkansas utilities and the third-party implementers.  The protocols were approved in the Commission's Order #11 on 9/29/2011. Parties Working  Collaboratively to Docket 10-100-R and Commission Staff supported the EM&V Protocols unanimously -a testament to the hard work and dedication by all the members involved in the EM&V activities in Arkansas. Consulting Group and Iron Mountain Energy also developed the first-ever set of process evaluation protocols for New York State. This project was developed by Mr. William Saxonis of the Department of Public Utilities and Mr. Nick Hall of TecMarket Works and is managed by Dr. Patricia Gonzales for the New York Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). These process evaluation protocols were also carefully reviewed by Dr. Jane Peters from Research Into Action as well as the members of the Evaluation Advisory Group (EAG). Based on this collaborative effort, Process Evaluation Protocols will fill a crucial gap in program evaluation guidelines and ensure that the key findings from process evaluations will not only lead to better program operations but also provide guidance and direction at the statewide level. 

Where in the World is Dr. KJ?

* 11/15-16  EM&V Panel for Texas Energy Efficiency Community, Austin, TX

* 11/30-12/1 Behavioral Energy Efficiency Conference (BECC), ACEEE, Washington, DC

* Happy Holidays - Ouray, CO

* 2/6-9/2012 AESP 22nd National Conference, San Diego, CA




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