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Fall Edition 2009 
Happy Fall!

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. The leaves turn golden hues, the evening air is cool and crisp and Indian Summer is the best time to enjoy a good bike ride.  Autumn is also a time of anticipation and change - kids go back to school and summer vacations are over.  At Johnson Consulting Group we've got a lot to look forward to in the next few months as we continue to work on interesting projects with a diverse group of clients. But even though we're all busy, we hope you will take some time to enjoy the vibrant colors of autumn and remember the summers past. 

Katherine Johnson, President

From the South of France to Tokyo, on-bill-financing (OBF) programs are drawing interest from around the word.

At the eceee conference in June 2009, Dr. Chiharu MURAKOSHI attended Katherine's presentation on two on-the-bill financing programs based on her paper which compared and contrasted these approaches.  This approach was so intriguing to Dr. MURAKOSHI, that he has organized an OBF study mission to the U.S. to learn more. In addition to attending a presentation by Katherine  in Washington D.C., the group will also visit the Energy Efficiency Institute in Vermont, United Illuminating, and LBNL.  Katherine will then accompany Dr. MURAKOSHI, and Mr. OKAMURA to Hays, KS to learn more about Midwest Energy's innovative How$mart Program. The visit also includes a stop in Honolulu, HI to discuss HECO's Solar Saver Pilot Program.  Johnson Consulting Group is looking forward to welcoming this Japanese delegation in early November:

  • Dr. Hidetoshi NAKAGAMI, Ph.D.: President, Jyukankyo Research Institute
  • Dr. Chiharu MURAKOSHI, Ph.D.: Vice President, Jyukankyo Research  Institute
  • Mr. Yoshiaki SHIBATA: Executive Researcher, Jyukankyo Research  Institute
  • Mr. Kenji YAMAMOTO: Deputy General Manager, Residential Sales Department, Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.
  • Mr. Toshiya OKAMURA: Team Manager, Energy Conservation & New Energy Sales Promotion Section, Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.
  • Ms. Kaori Oota: Interpreter

Click on the link to view the presentation given in France this summer comparing OBF Financing strategies used by Hawaiian Electric and Midwest Energy.  

Additional international notes:
Be on the lookout for an upcoming issue of International Metering ( and Katherine Johnson's article on "A COMPARISON OF TWO UTILITY APPROACHES TO PROMOTE WATER HEATING ENERGY EFFICIENCY."

Geo Heat Pump Book - 4th Edition, a new publication
"Geo Heat Pumps: Leading Energy Utility Marketing Programs  - 4th Edition" is now available.  This revision was sponsored by Western Area Power Administration, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and American Public Power Association and features updates on advances in geothermal heat pump technologies as well as new funding opportunities. The book has also been expanded to include information about DX (geothermal direct install). Published by Johnson Consulting Group, Western Area Power Administration plans to distribute it to members at upcoming workshops and conferences.

Click here for Table of Contents and Profile Samples.

In This Issue

From the South of France to Tokyo

Geo Heat Pump Book - A New publication

Where in the World is KJ?

Congratulations to Our College Graduates

All About Heat Pumps: Workshops and More

Evaluation Practice Area Continues to Expand

GHPs and Solar Water Heating Business Case

Where in the World is KJ?


  • Touchstone MSR Training Classes
    Co-op training classes in Pennsylvania and Michigan



  • Hays Kansas- Japanese OBF Study Mission

Fun Stuff
Congratulations to Our Recent College Graduates

This summer marked a significant milestone with the college graduations of Benjamin Johnson and Diane Mahon.  Benjamin, Katherine's oldest son, received a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Political Science from Wabash College in May.  He has relocated to Winter Park, Florida and is making plans to attend law school in 2010.  Meanwhile, he is adjusting to life in the "real world."

Diane, Corine's daughter, completed a degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice from Portland State University - the self proclaimed school of sustainability. She was one of many at graduation who wore a green ribbon on her gown - a symbol that she had signed a sustainability pledge. PSU prides itself on integrating sustainability into practices of all fields and walks of life and the pledge is a promise that the jobs and practices held by its now alumni will be done so with the best regard to sustainable practices and move in the direction of a healthy planet.

All About Heat Pumps: Workshops-and More

The workshop in Great Falls, MT was the best ever, according to Chad Reisenauer of Basin Electric G&T.  This one and half day conference was held in August and included hands-on demonstrations of air source heat pumps as well as in-depth technical information from these well-regarded experts. Special thanks to our co-presenters, D'Aron Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Bob Newton from Lennox, Bruce Manclark, from Delta-T, Inc., and John Dibble of ClimateMaster. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive and aready Chad Risenhauer and Michael Radecki, Western Area Power Administration, are identifying additional workshops to hold on similar topics in 2010.

 Click here for workshop proceedings.
 JCG's Evaluation Practice Area Continues to Expand

JCG has just completed work on three process evaluation projects with Summit Blue:  City of Pasadena, Hydro One's Double Return Program, and the Energy Trust of Oregon's Process Efficiency Evaluation. JCG will continue to support Summit Blue in several new evaluation activities including the second round of evaluations for Northern California Power Authority as well as its sister organization - Southern California Public Power Authority.
And, JCG has just been hired by HECO to prepare a process evaluation of the second year of program operations for its Solar Saver Program.

Note:  If you missed the latest Carbon Zero Hero Webinar on plug load management, click here to view the presentation titled: "Vanquish the Phantom Load Villain!"

GHPs and Solar Water Heating Business Case

Johnson Consulting Group is preparing a business case for the Fort Peck Energy Department.  This business case will describe the technical, market, and economic potential of marrying these two technologies. The tribe's goal is to have 500 installations in tribal owned houses within the next five years. The first step, scheduled to begin later this year, will include a pilot installation of one system, with full submetering to capture energy usage during the upcoming winter. Data will be critical in determining the energy savings potential for the tribe. Fort Peck also plans on developing a green collar workforce which will focus on training GHP installers. 

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